Welcome to ISA2019 Madrid!


The International Stillbirth Alliance’s 15th Annual Conference

ISA2019 Madrid is the International Stillbirth Alliance’s 15th annual conference, having been held previously in countries such as Australia, Norway, Holland, Vietnam, Canada or Ireland. ISA’s annual conference is one of the most important events of the year for a global community of scientists, mothers, fathers and health professionals who work continuously to reduce the 5 million deaths that occur annually around the world.

The conferences are unique in the way that they bring professionals and non professionals together to talk about the prevention of perinatal death and bereavement care for families that experience the death of their baby before, during or after birth.

Like many other countries, Spain has had significant success in reducing the perinatal mortality rate, which today stands at around 5 per thousand births. However, the stillbirth rate has been stagnant for the last 15 years, and, similarly to other high-income countries, there are important differences between social groups.

In contrast to other high-income countries in the north of Europe, the development of best practices in perinatal bereavement care is a relatively new phenomenon, only arriving on the national agenda around 10 years ago. In this sense, organizing and hosting the 2019 conference in Madrid represents an important step in raising awareness of the needs of families whose baby dies and to reaching best practices in bereavement care. ISA2019 Madrid offers us the opportunity to learn from other countries, professionals and families to achieve this objective.

The organizing and scientific committees are working enthusiastically to make ISA2019 a conference that brings national and international professionals and non-professionals even closer together, to intertwine the wealth of knowledge that both parties bring to the table.

This edition will see a number of exciting innovations for an ISA Conference. Firstly,  it will be the first to be held in Spain or Southern Europe. It will also be the first time that neonatal death is officially on the scientific programme. And, excitingly, delegates will be able to attend the conference online through live streaming and recorded video of presentations, as well as being completely bilingual (english-spanish) in all sessions.

We hope to reach as wide an audience as possible through the online platform, in particular in those countries that bear the highest burden of perinatal mortality. For this reason online attendees from low and middle-income countries have special rates at 50% and 20%, respectively, of the cost of attending in-person.

We are looking forward to seeing you at ISA2019, either in-person or online!