Welcome to the website for the International Stillbirth Alliance’s 2019 Madrid conference!

Organizing and hosting the 2019 conference is an important step on the path to bringing the standard of bereavement care and perinatal mortality in Southern Europe to the same level as many of the ISA member countries. The Madrid organizing and scientific committee is working enthusiastically to make ISA2019 a conference that brings national and international professionals and non professionals even closer together, to intertwine the wealth of knowledge that both parties bring to the table.

An exciting addition to the 2019 conference is this will be the first time ISA officially includes neonatal death on the scientific programme. Understanding the important links and the continuum between stillbirth and neonatal death we promise an innovative event that addresses current and future issues for both Stillbirth and Neonatal death. As a country, Spain has had significant success in reducing perinatal death rates, however there are high levels of disparity between social groups and stillbirth rates have been stagnant in recent years. Also, like many other Southern EU countries, national implementation of best practice autopsy, classification systems and specialist perinatal bereavement care for families are relatively new phenomena.

At a time when the Spanish perinatal death community is striving to change longstanding taboos and to bridge the gap in the quality of the care they offer families, ISA2019 provides us with an opportunity to learn from other countries, professionals and families.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Madrid and to taking the necessary steps together to reduce global perinatal mortality and bereavement care.