100+ talks and 30+ hours of content: The Scientific Programme at ISA2019…

100+ talks and 30+ hours of content: The Scientific Programme at ISA2019…

World renowned researchers and healthcare professionals

The programme attempts in as much as is possible to meet the needs that were identified during the open consultation process, which had more than 250 submissions.

The keynote talks and plenary sessions address global issues that are relevant to everyone working in the context of perinatal bereavement, such as the socio-economic impact of perinatal death (Prof. Alexander Heazell), how healthcare professionals should care for themselves while caring for others (Prof. Jane Warland), the importance of listening to parents and viewing them as collaborators (Claire Storey), providing respectful care (Sue Steen), caring for women with high-risk pregnancies (Dr. Francesc Figueras), perinatal death and stigma (Dr. Samantha Murphy), investigation of perinatal death (Dr. Marta Cohen) and innovations in the prediction of small for gestational age babies (Prof. Gordon Smith), intercultural perspectives on perinatal death (Dr. Mitike Molla Sisay).

Plenary sessions address mortality prevention (Dr. Hannah Blencowe, Prof. Jan Jaap Erwich, Dr. Salome Maswime, Dr. Jane Warland) and improving bereavement care standards (Dr. Keelin O’Donoghue, Dr. Claudia Ravaldi, Dr. Adrienne Gordon and Dr. Cecilia Mota González).

17 breakout sessions: Tailored content that permits delegates to choose the sessions most relevant to them

In order to provide the most tailored content possible, we have programmed 4 breakout/parallel sessions (total of 6 hours) where delegates can choose one of four sessions, whichever best suits their needs.

Breakout sessions that feature regularly at ISA include mortality prevention strategies, risk factors, investigation of perinatal death, pregnancy after loss, caring for parents and perinatal bereavement.

New session themes include: neonatal and perinatal palliative, care following the detection of life limiting fetal anomalies, lactation, women-centred birth planning, the legal framework of perinatal death, respectful disposition and a communications workshop.

Find it difficult to choose which breakout session you want to go to? Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss anything.

Most breakout sessions will be recorded on video and available for viewing by both online and in-person attendees for a period of 2 months following the conference!

Speakers from more than 15 countries, with representation from low, middle and high mortality contexts.

Spain, Ireland, Ethiopia, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, Kenya, Norway, South Africa, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Uganda and more to add.

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