International Stillbirth Alliance

International Stillbirth Alliance logoThe International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) is an alliance of member organisations and individual supporters working towards stillbirth prevention and improvement of bereavement care worldwide.

To reduce the unacceptably high loss of lives through stillbirth and the longlasting adverse effects this loss has on families and communities, further research is urgently needed. The highest quality research will be futile in saving babies’ lives if it is not disseminated and acted on in the care of women before, during and after pregnancy.

In collaboration with member organisations, ISA works to publicize the results of stillbirth research, and in particular to facilitate the dissemination and use of the knowledge gained through the best available research evidence. ISA does this through fostering collaboration by connecting individuals and organisations around the world through conferences, regional meetings and a reliable web-based resource.

ISA does not provide services to individuals, rather working with member organisations to connect people locally and globally so they can learn from one another and thereby improve standards of care within their region.

Visit ISA’s webpage to read more about research projects, position statements and to find out about the benefits of becoming a member.