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Founded in 2009, Umamanita is a non-profit association and a pioneer in Spain in the field of support and advocacy for families who have experienced a perinatal death. Based on voluntary work, the association supports mothers, fathers and families and promotes improvements in the quality of care through original research, dissemination of scientific knowledge, training for health professionals, development and implementation of projects to prevent perinatal death, as well as raising social awareness about perinatal death and campaigning for the development of hospital protocols and legislative changes.

Support for mothers, fathers and their families: The association provides information and support through its web page (30,000 visits per year) and social networks (5,000 followers) and in mutual support group meetings and commemorative events such as the international Babyloss Awareness event held annually in Madrid. Umamanita has also published the book Historias de Amor, a compilation of testimonies written by mothers and fathers.

Original research and dissemination of scientific knowledge: Umamanita is the promoter of the first and only national (Spain) survey on healthcare quality in the health system following intrauterine death. Results have been published in the journal BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth and presented at numerous conferences. The association also prepares analysis of mortality statistics and carries out qualitative research on grief experiences. In 2010 Umamanita, in conjunction with EPEN, published the first Guidelines for health professionals in Spanish and has also published bibliographies of best practices, a protocol development guide and has translated scientific documents and articles from English into Spanish. The association also publishes a biannual magazine called Perinatal Death and Grief that focuses on research and evidence-based care practices.

Promotion of projects and development of community networks: In recent years the association has promoted several innovative projects, including prevention campaigns for the reduction of perinatal mortality, the Manifesto 2017 #RomperElSilencio (#BreakTheSilence) which was promoted by Umamanita and signed by more than 19 support organizations in Spain.

Training and support for health professionals: The association has given more than 50 training courses and seminars in hospitals and for groups of professionals throughout Spain. In 2017 Umamanita organized a day and a half conference in Barcelona with 14 national and international speakers.