Call for Abstracts – Deadline extended until April 21st

Call for Abstracts – Deadline extended until April 21st

ISA2019 Madrid Global Annual Conference on Perinatal Mortality and Bereavement Care


Oral presentations, Poster presentations and E-poster presentations.

Abstracts will be accepted for

  1. Presentation of original empirical research:
    • Quantitative research
    • Qualitative research
    • Mixed methods research
    • Systematic reviews
    • Clinical trials
  2. Theoretical proposals based on literature reviews or original research
  3. Other contributions to knowledge: personal/professional experiences in relation to the development or implementation of projects, protocols or other activities related to mortality prevention or bereavement care.

Call for abstracts is open until the 31st March. Click here to read more.

More than 30 oral presentation spots available and Online-Streaming delegates can present E-posters.

Conference themes include…

Main conference themes and topic areas
Parents’ experiences of care - listening to parents and understanding their needs
Improving care quality through the development and implementation of care standards and practice guidelines
Providing perinatal and neonatal palliative care
Care provision following detection of life limiting fetal anomalies (diagnosis, counselling and decision-making, care)
Causes and risk factors for perinatal death
Perinatal mortality prevention strategies
Classification, investigation and audit of perinatal death
Pregnancy after loss
Community based care: follow-up care, support associations and support groups
Perinatal bereavement: personal and social experiences of grief
Woman-centred birth planning and management (communication and decision-making, mode of birth, pain management, sedative use, etc.)
Puerperal care (lactation suppression, milk donation)
Respectful disposition: practices and bioethics in disposition of the body and handling of remains/tissue
The legal framework of stillbirth: legal and social personhood, care legislation, criminalisation
Postpartum care/rituals following intrauterine death or neonatal death (seeing and caring for the baby and keeping memory objects and taking photographs)
Healthcare professionals experiences of perinatal death and systems to support healthcare professionals
The socio-economic impact of perinatal death
Diagnosis and communication of bad news

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International Stillbirth Alliance
ISA2019 Madrid Global Annual Conference on Perinatal Mortality and Bereavement Care
Available in 2019 through Online-Streaming at Special Rates

International Stillbirth Alliance, Annual Conference on Perinatal Mortality and Bereavement Care, Madrid, Spain. October 5-6th, 2019.