Comunication in stillbirth: introduction of a protocol for health operator to prevent disfunctional parent’s psychological effects

Comunication in stillbirth: introduction of a protocol for health operator to prevent disfunctional parent’s psychological effects

Eva Imparato (1), Antonio Pignatto (2)

(1) Department of Psychology, IUSVE University of Venice, Italy; (2), Department of Psychology, IUSTO University of Torino- Rebaudengo , Italy;

The literature on the subject shows us that the management of the communicative moment by health workers to parents as one of the phenomena that most affect their psychological system. The undesirable effects of an inadequate management of this important moment from a psychological point of view show signs of psychopathological consequences in the long time. The present work aims to prevent undesirable psychopathological phenomena through the adoption of a communication protocol for health professionals.

Through the realization of 3 focus groups we proceeded to analyze the communicative and emotional needs of the health and social workers of the obstetrics and gynecology ward, regarding the communication to the puerpas of unfortunate events, such as lethal fetal malformations or fetal endouterine deaths. According to the variables investigated, a communication protocol was drafted which was socialized with the operators through specific meetings.

Through focus groups, we found out how difficult it was for health personnel to communicate with patients and family members. The aim of this work is to verify also through a subsequent qualitative investigation, the effects of the introduction of the protocol on two samples represented by operators and parents involved in the communication process linked to the Stillbirth event.

The undesirable psychological effects resulting from the management of Stillbirth communication in the immediate occurrence of the event, by the health worker, determines psychopathological consequences related to the mourning elaboration of caregivers. The introduction of a communication protocol that allows the adequate management of communication makes it possible to prevent the indesiderable effects and to process mourning with sustainable methods

In accordance with the rules of the regulation:
Meta-Code of Ethics accepted by the General Assembly of the European Federation of Psychological Associations in Granada, July 2005, it is stated that the present scientific work was conducted in full ethical observance of the cited norms

International Stillbirth Alliance, Annual Conference on Perinatal Mortality and Bereavement Care, Madrid, Spain. October 5-6th, 2019.

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