Experience of a support circle for women as a mechanism of resilience in mourning for neonatal and gestational death

Experience of a support circle for women as a mechanism of resilience in mourning for neonatal and gestational death

Forero Rubio, Valeria (1), Muñoz Carrillo, Angela María (2)

(1) Tamá´s mother, Politologist, doula, and leader of the Circle of knniting and love in mourning, (2) Juan Isaac´s mother, lawyer, doula of death, leader of the Circle of Knitting and love in mourning and founder JIC Fundación de apoyo ante la muerte gestacional y neonatal.

We will present the experience personal of the circle of support called “Circle of knitting and love in mourning”. This group is based in Bogotá, and is currently constituted by 25 moms in the process of grieving over the death of their unborn babies or babies who died shortly after birth.

This circle is led by Angela Muñoz and Valeria Forero who founded it after overcoming the death of their own babies and discovering that there were no similar support groups in Bogotá. Founders decided to create a space to talk about motherhood in mourning and to help moms to build a new sense of life after the death of their children. During the group meetings, every mother learns to knit a mochila Arahuaca (traditional purse knit by Arahuaca indigenous communities during women pregnancy) in memory of her baby died. Knitting the mochila represents the resignification of the mom´s grieving experience. The main topic of the exposition will be the founders analysis, in which they will be exploring how the circle serves as a mechanism that allows its members to properly validate their children´s grieve from resilience. The exposition will also describe how through the circle, grieving moms have achieved to transcend their painful experiences into helping others by volunteering in a foster home, that has accomplished to transform grieving pain in love, and it works as a tribute to the life of each of the circle mom’s dead babies.

This exposition will describe the importance of the circle for women in the process of mourning for gestational and neonatal death, to the extent that the space it offers, favors the expression of emotions and the empathy generated when a mom can identify her own experience in others. Also, the circle helps to validate this not physical motherhood; women in the circle may feel supported, and encouraged to develop strategies of coping and transformation, receiving their personal experience from resilience and constructing a new sense of life based on it.

Ethic Statement:
We declare that video will be shown with QR Code and the information that will be exposed in the poster about the circle, has the approval of each of the women members, who have given their written authorization to JIC Fundación para el apoyo ante la muerte gestacional y neonatal, and its leaders Angela María Muñoz and Valeria Forero.

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