First “pregnancy and infant loss, remembrance day” in PSSJD

First “pregnancy and infant loss, remembrance day” in PSSJD

M. Brito Vera, C. Garcia Terol, T. Caballe Bel, R. Heras Trejo, I. Perez Pinedo,

Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu, Barcelona, Spain

In Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu (PSSJD) we work on a multidisciplinary committee for
perinatal and infant loss since 2015, with gynecologists, midwives, maternity nurses,
pediatricians, psychologists, and pathologists. We aim to gradually change the professional
view around a perinatal loss, so improve the care we offer to families who have lost their baby.
Our first action was to standardize the care we provide and design our own guide for
professionals. The cases review we conduct on a monthly basis and the positive response of
the families we attend gave us an ambitious prospective.

Perinatal Loss is still a taboo in our society; one of our hospital objectives is to open
this reality to the society in general. Our project is a remembrance day, together with the
international Remembrance Day for perinatal loss, which offers a meeting, a space, a
recognition to all these families who have been through the death of their baby, patients,
professionals, people in all. Numerous societies, in Spain and abroad, celebrate remembrance days, with positive outcomes from all perspectives, but the difference is the health professional view, a hospital which makes a statement towards these “invisible” losses. A brainstorming technique was performed between all professionals involved in the care of these families, to design from the dissemination campaign, through the activities, even the footprint we would like this day to impact on the hospital day-to-day.

The Remembrance Day will be a day to recognize, remember, and raise awareness of
families, health professionals and the wider community in general.

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