Hear Dr. Jane Warland on women and parent focused stillbirth prevention strategies at ISA2019 Madrid

Come to ISA2019 to hear Dr. Jane Warland, Associate Professor at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of South Australia, talk about the latest innovations in preventing stillbirth through woman focused strategies such as education on fetal movement awareness.

Since suffering the unexplained full term stillbirth of her daughter Emma in 1993, Dr. Warland has been a passionate researcher into preventative and modifiable risk factors for stillbirth. She has authored several book chapters and over forty journal articles. Dr. Warland has published three books to date, including Our Baby Died, Midwife and the Bereaved Family, and Pregnancy After Loss. Her research has been presented at numerous international conferences.

You can read more about Jane on the Speakers page and more on the scientific programme here.

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ISA2019 Madrid Global Annual Conference on Perinatal Mortality and Bereavement Care
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