Improving the quality of care in mourning in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital Clínic – Seu Maternitat, Barcelona

Improving the quality of care in mourning in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital Clínic – Seu Maternitat, Barcelona

Valle I (1), Moreno E (3), Roca M (1), Vidal M (1), Balada A (1), Cortés R (1),
Alsina M (3), Lera S (2), Perera M (4)

(1) Pediatric Specialist Nurse, (2) Pediatrician Neonatologist Specialist, (3) Nurse, (4) Clinical Psychology Specialist
(1-4) Hospital Clínic – Seu Maternitat, Barcelona

The death of a child is a tragic experience and it affects the person in both, biopsychosocial and spiritual fields. The society we live in tends to mask this situation and, with greater emphasis, if this situation happens around perinatal death, the multi-professional, collaborative and integral accompaniment in the death process will create a high emotional impact with the words, silences and actions of those who care for these newborn children and their families. These will set the way in which they will later develop their mourning. This project aims to provide families with the best quality and care during the process of loss, know their opinion and improve the internal circuit of neonatal death.

This is a descriptive and retrospective study whose study population are the families of newborn children whose death occurred in the NICU during 2018. All the families over 18 years old and without language barriers who wish to participate will be included. A nurse and a psychologist from the nicu mourning and palliative care team will meet with the family 3 months after the loss, ask how they are and conduct the survey. Afterwards, the answers will be introduced into the excel database and the different study variables will be analyzed: lighting; attention received from the professionals and from the whole team; farewell according to beliefs; memory box; information on administrative procedures, on the first steps of mourning and on the necropsy; emotional support and current help in the mourning process and suggestions for improvement.

Despite working and training ourselves to improve care for neonatal loss, we are sure that after these surveys and the incorporation of the psychologist into the circuit, the experience of the families will improve.

Ethics Statement
We have requested approval to our work center for the presentation of this project. At the moment that we must initiate the surveys, ask for de express consent of the participants to be able to make use of the results later.

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