228 abstracts received, review decisions to be announced on the 15th of May

228 Abstracts submitted

We’re delighted to announced that the final count of abstracts submitted is 228; many more than we expected, which shows that the interest in perinatal mortality and bereavement care is growing all the time.

Abstracts came from 26 countries with over 600 authors involved. The top countries for submissions include Spain, Ireland, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Italy.

The top scientific theme areas, included: Causes and risk factors for perinatal mortality (17%), prevention strategies (14%), improving bereavement care quality (13%), classification and investigation of perinatal death (9%), pregnancy after loss (8%), grief experiences (8%), and parents and families experiences of care (7%).

Peer review and decisions

Our team of over 40 expert reviewers are currently conducting peer review. Reviews are based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the abstract section of the webpage.

We expect to announce review decisions on the 15th of May to give delegates time to register for early-bird pricing. So watch this space.

Thank you to everyone for making such a great effort and we look forward to seeing you in Madrid.


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