Join almost 400 delegates from 32 countries at ISA2019

More than 400 delegates will attend the International Stillbirth Alliance’s International Conference on Perinatal Mortality and Bereavement Care in Madrid on October 5th and 6th 2019.

So far representatives from 32 countries have sign-up for In-person or Online Attendance, including:

Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, Ethiopia, Australia, United States, Denmark, Uganda, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, , Guatemala, Norway, Argentina, Italy, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Mexico, Georgia, Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, Uruguay, Russian Federation, Malaysia, Kenya, Hungary, France, Austria, Afghanistan

International Stillbirth Alliance
ISA2019 Madrid Global Annual Conference on Perinatal Mortality and Bereavement Care
Available in 2019 through Online-Streaming at Special Rates




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