Learners’ Evaluation Form

Dear Delegate,

As part of the process of acquiring CME accreditation from the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) all delegates must complete the Learners Evaluation Form.

This is a compulsory requirement. If you do not complete this form by Monday October 21st you will not be eligible to receive your certificate of attendance nor the corresponding ECMECs. Even if you didn’t go to all sessions you can still claim credits for the session you did attend.

The form requires you to rate the event on a number of criteria, firstly on an overall basis and subsequently for each session attended.

While we need to know if you have responded in order to award credits, your responses will be kept completely anonymous with no individual reporting.

Please proceed and complete the form.

1. Quality of the event

2. Relevance of the event

3. Relevance of keynote and plenary sessions

How useful to you personally was each of the following keynote and plenary sessions?

4. Relevance of breakout/parallel sessions

5. Suitability of formats used during the event

6. Ways the event affects clinical practice

7. Commercial bias

8. Future ISA Conferences

Thinking about the possibility of attending future ISA educational events, please choose up to 5 future learning priorities (topics you'd like to hear more about in the future)