Memories, pictures and giving bad News

Memories, pictures and giving bad News

Concepción Delgado Gutiérrez (1), Clara García Terol (2), Rebeca González Gómez (1), Isabel
Merino Álvarez (1)

(1) Midwife, (2) Midwife, Head of Maternity Services
Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu, Barcelona, Spain

In 2009 the UMAMANITA Association, in collaboration with “El parto es Nuestro”, produced a pioneering guide: the “Guide to care for perinatal and neonatal death”, due in part to the lack of empathy and training on the part of health personnel. In the hospital “Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu” (PSSJD) the desire to offer good care has meant that since 2010 this model of care has been adapted in different stages, with the Protocol of still-birth in that year, and revised in 2012 with the incorporation of “good practices”. Finally, in 2017, the “Perinatal Loss Action Guide” was drawn up, with which the professionals in the mother and child area of the PSSJD have made an effort to offer quality care in these situations. This work is intended to be a sample of three of the aspects contained in this guide.

Qualitative study with exhaustive review of each case: a) Delivery of a box with souvenirs and an offer to take photographs; b) Communication of bad news; c) Orientation to necropsy.

The implementation of the Guide makes it possible to record the activities offered both quantitatively and qualitatively. Some shortcomings are still reflected, such as making visible the losses of the first trimester, refining the records of the second trimester, and recording all the actions carried out in the third trimester.

In these two years of implementation of the Guide, a better collection of data is observed, although there are still aspects that are not recorded or not taken into account, such as promoting the presence of the midwife when bad news is reported, writing down the contents of the memory box in the Medical History and encouraging people to take photographs.

Ethics statement:
There is no conflict of interest.

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