Multidisciplinary approach in obstetric and bereavement care in 8 stillbirth cases at Hospital of Motril

Multidisciplinary approach in obstetric and bereavement care in 8 stillbirth cases at Hospital of Motril

Rivas, María Teresa (1), Sáez, Rosa (2), Juanes, María Jesús (3)

(1) Supervisor Midwifery, Motril Hospital, (2) Midwifery, Motril Hospital, (3) Midwifery, Motril Hospital

Although infant mortality has been decreasing over the years thanks to medical advances, the same thing did not occur with the fetal mortality rate remaining stable. The diagnosis of Stillbirth is a devastating experience for the parents and one of the most difficult situations to face in the daily obstetric practice.

We have compiled information about the care provided by the multidisciplinary team in 8 Stillbirth cases, 34+0 weeks and over of gestation at the Hospital of Motril in the last 5 years period (shown in Table 1). Although most of the recommendations from recent evidence are met (family support, admission in a single room, induction of labour with analgesia choices, attempted vaginal labour, offer post mortem contact, possibility of autopsy, follow-up in successive consultations and Mental Health services referral when requested), there are still areas for improvement in the assistance we provide. There are limitations in the published data as they are not reflected in the medical records consulted.

The studies reviewed reveal that perinatal bereavement care in Spanish hospitals is an emerging field respect to other countries with similar economies. However, there is a growing interest in caring and supporting families in the grieving process, as it is widely known that it has psychosocial benefits for women and their families, therefore the strategies to improve care should be a high priority. However, the training and structural support offered from institutions to professionals, hospitals, health centres, is poor, and resources are basic aspect to be able to offer quality of care.

Ethics statement:
All the data published in this poster are anonymous, guaranteeing the anonymity of the subjects. Ethical approval was not sought as it was not required for this study. There are no conflicts of interest or external funding.

Key words: Stillbirth, perinatal bereavement, Multidisciplinary team.

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