Project to care for professionals: “Code Caring For”

Project to care for professionals: “Code Caring For”

Aragón-López, Isabel Mª (1); Contreras-Del Pino, Tamara (2); Valero-Perez, Eva (1); Ovejero-Larsson, Sara V (3); Moyano-Britz, Nike (4); Calafell, Belén (5); Marqués-Triay, Magdalena (6); Moreno-Pons, Gabriel (7); Torrent-Juanola, Eva (8).

Hospital General Mateu Orfila. Área de Salud de Menorca, Spain (1) Midwife, (2) Doctor, (3) Gynecologist, (4) Psycho-oncologist, (5) Psychologist, expert in perinatal grief, (6) Psychologist (7) Pediatrician (9) Social worker

code caring is a project that takes place within the framework of the quality of care of the professionals involved and the care units in the process of perinatal grief. Who does not feel affected? When you have to attend a delivery of a deceased baby, a baby that has no chance of living outside the womb or when suddenly a baby dies in childbirth or in the first hours in an unexpected way?.

psychological debriefing is a brief intervention that takes place in the first days after a traumatic event. The objective is to favor the intragroup support among the partners who have been involved in the same situation and in similar conditions. This group of people will meet to manage the emotional load accumulated after the experience. Directed by a psychologist, the meeting seeks verbal exposition of what has been experienced by those who have been present in the traumatic event. In situations of great emotional impact, professionals also suffer and need specific help. Debriefing offers a space of safety through which professionals will feel accompanied and guided therapeutically. Placement of code in the unit, in accesses to the unit of hospitalization an image, expressing that there is a farewell in the unit. Development of a farewell letter to parents from all the professionals involved. Actively work on the farewell needs. Development of souvenir box, with crafts made by professionals.

Define tools that help us reduce the emotional impact that professionals involved in the process of grief or perinatal loss may suffer. Avoiding situations of work stress, burnout can develop psychosomatic, emotional and behavioral symptoms.

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