“Risk based induction of labor as a strategy to prevent stillbirth: Friend or Foe?”

“Risk based induction of labor as a strategy to prevent stillbirth: Friend or Foe?”

Hear Dr. Bob Silver, obstetrician and perinatal mortality expert at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center, United States, talk about the controversial topic of induction of labour as a strategy for reducing perinatal mortality at ISA2019 Madrid. 

Other presentations in the PERINATAL MORTALITY PREVENTION STRATEGIES breakout session include:

Still Aware: Role of parents’ groups/avocates in the prevention of stillbirth
Claire Foord
Advocate, Founder & CEO of Still Aware, Australia

The context of stillbirths in Sub-Saharan Africa: Finding from high burden settings
Elizabeth Ayebare
Midwife, Lecturer, Department of Nursing, Makerere University, Uganda

Mindfetalness and pregnancy outcomes: a randomized controlled trial including 39,337 women
Anna Akselsson
Midwife, Sophiahemmet University, PhD-student, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Qualitative assessment of the community and healthcare system related determining factors of perinatal mortality in Sindh, Pakistan
Dr. Jamil Ahmed
Public health specialist, Epidemiologist, Assistant Professor, Arabian Gulf University Bahrain, PhD candidate, University of Sydney, Australia

Educating maternity care providers about stillbirth prevention strategies: Evaluating the effectiveness of a half-day workshop
Prof. Jane Warland
Midwife, Associate Professor, University of South Australia, Australia

Improving intrapartum quality of care to increase neonatal survival in Indonesia: mentoring embedded in a clinical governance approach
Dr. Paula Quigley
Public health specialist, Neonatologist, Technical Lead, DAI Global Health, Reproductive, Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health and Nutrition, Ireland

Circulating SPINT1 is a biomarker of pregnancies with poor placental function, fetal growth restriction, and at higher risk of stillbirth
Prof. Stephen Tong
Researcher, Obstetrician/gynecologist, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Melbourne, Consultant Obstetrician, Mercy Hospital for Women, Australia

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