Supporting New Zealand health care professionals to provide holistic care when a baby dies

Supporting New Zealand health care professionals to provide holistic care when a baby dies

Dianne Leishman

University of Otago/Christchurch and Canterbury District Health Board

Health professionals involved in maternity care will be exposed to Stillbirths and Neonatal deaths. Caring for families whose baby dies can be traumatising and has concluded with health professional leaving their chosen profession. This research is a qualitative review of what knowledge health professionals have and what they find beneficial in supporting them when caring for a mother whose baby dies.

Participants completed online surveys prior to and at the conclusion of the “When a Baby dies study day.” Surveys prior to the workshop reviewed what knowledge and experience they have and what they believed they would learn from attending the study day. The post course surveys focused on whether they would be able to apply the new knowledge they have acquired on the course and if they were able to see positive improvements in their practice as a result of the course.

33 health professional completed the surveys they included midwives, nurses, doctors, social worker and chaplain. 100% of participants agreed they could apply what they learnt on the course and that they would see positive results and improvements to their practice.Comments include:
“The whole day was interesting and valuable the variety of speakers from different disciplines made the day.” “This is a brilliant day about something so difficult”

This is an invaluable study day which enhance health professional knowledge and confidence.
Ethics approval was not required for this volunteer survey of health professionals.

Ethics statement:
Ethics approval was not required.

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