The grief podcast

The grief podcast

Trine Giving Kalstad
Director of bereavement support and public health, Norwegian SIDS and Stillbirth Society

Death affects us all. Nevertheless people find it hard to talk about the psychological, social or existential consequences of grief. Grief is often profoundly misunderstood. Increased knowledge about how grief affects our perspectives of life and influence our daily life can ensure a better understanding of the reactions and expressions of the bereaved. We do experiences that both bereaved families, dependents and health personal find it helpful to listen to personal stories of loss in combination with professional teaching. To strengthen our public education work on grief Norwegian SIDS and Stillbirth Society decided to create the first podcast in Norway addressing grief from various types of losses.

We have made 11 episodes; 1) Grief – from myths to knowledge, 2) Grief and prestige, does some groups of bereaved suffer from lower status than others, 3) When the body grieves, 4) The grief of children, 5) Is it possible to help yourself when grieving?, 6) Are you still there for me? When a mum and dad suffers differently, 7) Posttraumatic growth – can severe pain live side by side with gratitude and happiness? 8) How to work while grieving, 9) Talking about death is talking about life, a philosophical perspectives 10) When a close friend dies and 11) What happens to the family dynamic when someone dies? One episode last for 30-40 minutes and there are mostly two guests. One being a bereaved mother or father, sibling, friend or a child, and one is a professional.

The Grief Podcast with 11 episodes is available on Spotify and Pippa, and is therefore easily accessible. Increased knowledge and sharing experiences helps the bereaved to cope with grief. We also believe that the grief podcast will help to exploit the potential of social support, both from family, friends and colleagues and ensure good quality of the help offered from health personal.

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