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All delegates who had a poster accepted for physical presentation at ISA2019 must also upload an E-Poster.


1) Input your abstract title (sentence and title case characters only, no block capitalisation)
2) Choose an appropriate scientific theme/category
3) Input your abstract details, including:

– Author(s) name(s) and affiliations (only authors included in the original abstract submission)


Jones, John (1), McDonald, María (2), González, Ken (3)

(1) Professor of Midwifery, University of London, (2) Midwife, Madrid University Hospital, (3) Researcher, Institute of Perinatal Mortality

– Abstract body
(must be no longer than 300 words and the same as the abstract submitted for evaluation by the scientific committee; only very minor changes (e.g. grammar) will be accepted).

– Ethics statement

4) Upload a jpeg image of your poster

Important! Do not use capitalised titles or names anywhere in the text of the abstract (in the poster you can use whatever you want). (Importante! No escribas el título, los subtítulos o los nombres de los autores en tod mayúsculas)

Click here to see some examples of e-posters that have already been uploaded.

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