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Keynote Presentations

Dr. Francesc Figueras
Prof. Marta Cohen
Prof. Denise Cote-Arsenault
Prof. Gordon Smith
Sue Steen
Dr. Samantha Murphy

Plenary Sessions

1. Setting the agenda: Perinatal Mortality
& Bereavement Care
2. Innovaciones en la reducción de la mortalidad perinatal
3. Systemic approaches to improving
perinatal bereavement care

Breakout Session 1

1.1. Perinatal mortality reduction
1.2. Perinatal grief
1.3. Care experiences

Breakout Session 2

2.1. Communicating with parents
2.2. Risk factors and causes of PD
2.3. Pregnancy after loss

Breakout Session 3

3.1. Improving care quality
3.2. Workshop: Making memories
3.3. Classification of PD I – Technical

Breakout Session 4

4.1. Classification of PD II – Parents
4.2. Care following detection of fetal anomalies​
4.3. Woman-centred birth planning

Top 5 abstracts